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On Demand

2019 Tuwharetoa
Kapa Haka
2018 Tuwharetoa
Kapa Haka
2017 Tuwharetoa
Kapa Haka
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NZ Concrete Conference
Taupo Academy of Dance
Image by Jaël Vallée

About Live NZ

Live NZ is a sector of AVP that handles all our live to air broadcasting requirements.


After discovering the frequent need for clients to reach their customers not only on a local scale but on a wider scale, we built multiple rigs to allow us to deliver picture and audio to people both locally and globally.

Video Recording

Broadcast Vehicle 

We have a fully spec'd Blackmagic and Dante based Broadcast van that can deliver live video broadcast from anywhere to anywhere. The van is capable of a 10 camera shoot, full replays, ISO recording of individual cameras and delivering live graphics.


The audio department is decked out with Dante systems mixed down on a Yamaha QL5 and processed through TC Finalisers. Please find our spec sheet below!

Broadcast Vehicle Specs

Professional Camera