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Audio Production
Video Production
Studio Space

We have a recording studio and an adjacent studio space suitable for solo artists, groups, duo's, any size bands or a small orchestras. We can manage music arrangements, session musicians, studio recording, engineering and mastering. With a workshop full of gear, we can facilitate any of your audio requirements. We are equipped with DAW's such as Pro Tooks, Adobe Audition, and Logic Pro.

With access to video equipment and a post video production suite, we have the ability to live stream, record,  remote broadcast events, produce music videos, produce promotional videos and more. With a green screen, the options are endless.

Our newly built studio space can be used for many different projects such as video production, filming music videos, promotional videos, virtual events, Annual General Meetings, virtual weddings, a rehearsal space for musicians, and more.

Our studio spaces and control room offers the ability to livestream events, meetings, or even an online music performance. We have identified the need to take our technology and equipment to the next level to also offer remote broadcasting from anywhere in New Zealand, controlled from our studio in Taupo. 


Carl Mayo - Visionary Sound Studios

Carl began his career as a freelance music producer straight out of high school for radio stations, groups and artists. After two years of freelancing, Carl moved to Auckland starting his business, Visionary Sound Studios. Throughout his time in Auckland, Carl worked alongside many artists and solos producing and mastering music. After 3 years in Auckland, Carl decided to continue his business venture in Taupo.

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